Informing Africans in the Republic of Croatia on the possibility of exercising the rights and enabling the participation of its members and other Africans.


Mission is to bring all African’s living in Republic of Croatia together, we have right to become a major minority if we come together, we will see to the better living of New and Old African’s living in Croatia, students,migrant, immigrant were all welcome. To promote our culture and to give light to the question that people wanted to know about African’s.


D.A.H will promote social cohesion among African groups and individuals in the Republic of Croatia in order to prevent feeling the effects of isolation , social exclusion and racism
– Suitable environment for the association , counseling and mutual support especially members who are unemployed
– Personal development and social engagement through activities that include appropriate knowledge and skills derived from traditional African culture such as music, art , traditional crafts, customs , … especially those that encourage self-employment .
– Supporting the African cultural heritage through social activities in the context of life in the Republic of Croatia in cooperation with organizations of similar or congruent goals and supporting sustainable development and environmental protection with the advocacy of social justice and personal freedom
– Active contributing to social, educational , technological and political development of Africa and the Croatian
– Mutual understanding among the members of the association and joint action as a group for the advancement and representation of Africa
– Promoting and presenting a positive image of Africa and its cultural values
– The collection of information that are important and useful Africans
– Promoting cooperation between NGOs and other associations and organizations in the Republic of Croatia and the world that share similar goals
– Mediation in communication with individuals and official bodies of Croatian and African countries in accordance with the opinions , wishes and aspirations of its members
– Mutual exchange of information and training of Croatian citizens and nationals of African countries on the political process and democratic principles mentioned countries
– Informing Africans in the Republic of Croatia on the possibility of exercising the rights and enabling the participation of its members and other Africans in the Republic of Croatia at various meetings and events pertaining to African culture and traditions as well as those that are suitable for integration into Croatian society.


Our planning work , in order to achieve these goals .
development of interpersonal communication Africans in the Republic of Croatia for friendship and achieve common goals and interests
organizing commemorative events and cultural events , lectures, courses , lectures , round tables , etc.
inform the public about the work of organizations and events that are directly related to the organization’s work and all the members of the Association of Croatian citizens and relevant information
develop a program of international cooperation and involvement in work related associations and networks to achieve the best possible cooperation between NGOs , the general public and government bodies
giving books and journals in the field of their activities in accordance with legal regulations .
strengthen cooperation with similar organizations in Croatia and beyond.
help migrants and refugees and volunteers , fundraising and self-financing through the association’s activities
drafting and design projects Culture.
The association aim is to bring together all people who comes from Africa and people who love African’s, who have African BLOOD in them. there are many association, individual country and e.t.c
Still we can unite and do a lot together, we want to promote our culture, foods,books,marriages,counselling,support, religion,way of life,music,education, co-operation between home and abroad together.